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7 Home Safety Tips for Colorado Home Owners

When it comes to the safety of one’s family and home, there should be no compromises. Moving has a profound effect on the level of protection you can count on, especially if you as you move to a new neighborhood. As a Colorado real estate agent here are some specific ways of ensuring your peace of mind as you relocate to a new home.

Below are seven home safety tips that you should practice to protect your property as well as those you love.

1. Burglar-Proof the Exterior of Your Home
Home robbers can get really creative when they are hot on the prowl. With this in mind, be sure to put away or secure tools such as ladders, tall trash cans, and even unlocked metal drain pipes- all of which can be used to climb the second story without much effort.

You may also want to rethink your choice of shrubbery since it can be used as a hiding place, especially if it’s thick and dense.

2. Invest in Good Outdoor Lighting
LED flood lights can easily deter burglars, so it is wise to get enough for your front and back yard. There are solar-powered lights that can provide safety without any increase in your power consumption.

3. Find a Better Place to Hide your Spare Key
Burglars usually check for a hide-a-key before they attempt to break into a home by force. This way, there is less disturbance and an even slimmer chance they’ll ever get caught in the act of robbing a place. If you constantly forget your home keys, be sure to have a better way of hiding your spare set other than a run-of-the-mill rock/frog/turtle hide-a-key.

You can ask your trusted Colorado real estate agent for a few suggestions on where to stash your spare key. Real estate brokers have a knack for home safety, so they know practically all the tricks in the book.

4. Have Enough Fire Extinguishers Around the House
Robbery is not the only thing you have to guard against, as hazards come in all forms. Fire safety should be somewhere on the top of your list. Depending on the number of rooms in your home, you should have at least two fire extinguishers, one of which should only be for the kitchen. Also, make sure everyone in the family including your children (at least 12 years old) know how to use it in case of emergency.

5. Sleep with Your Car Keys Under Your Pillow
Well, maybe not under your pillow but on the night stand. This may seem silly or even a tad crazy on a Frances Farmer level, but your car keys can save your life. If at any point, you hear strange noises coming from outside your home, you can immediately press the panic button to activate your car alarm system. This will scare off most intruders very quickly, and you do not have to engage them physically at all.

6. Get a Furry Friend as Your Watchdog
Even with the option of the most advanced home security systems today, dogs are by far superior when it comes to sensing danger even from far away. Consider getting a dog, preferably one that is highly trainable. Some of the best breeds for this purpose include:

German Shepherd,
Doberman Pinscher,

Most of these breeds are also quite friendly, so you also get a family pet that you kids can enjoy and grow up alongside.

7. Consider Getting an Alarm System
Installing a home security system is a viable and smart choice. As a bonus security systems also monitor your house for other items. Water sensors by the washer, water heater, under sinks or in a sump pump will alert you to possible issues before they are expensive. Even the smoke detectors are improved as the system can dispatch the fire department if not turned off. As you look for homes in the neighborhood of your choice, ask your trusted Colorado real estate agent about the best home security systems available in the area.

Vigilance is key to keeping a safe and happy home. You may have to spend a bit of money and invest time to put home safety measures in place, but it will be worth it knowing your family is secure. Please call our office at 303-325-5690 for help with any of these 7 home safety tips.

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