Downtown Golden, Colorado

Falling in love with a place doesn’t happen in a click, but with Golden, Colorado, many people don’t have a choice. The experience and feel that the city imprints in your heart can last a lifetime.

Golden is a city that welcomes you with warmth and joy that makes you always want to come back. With its exemplary “Howdy Folk! Welcome to Golden Where the West Lives” arch bridging its main street, it is one of the friendliest towns in the West, and here are 7 Reasons Why People Love Golden, CO.

Take on Lookout Mountain

Climbing Lookout Mountain is far from being easy. Besides giving you physical exercise, it also gives you a mental workout when it comes to route finding and solving tricky climbs. When climbing Lookout Mountain, you will realize that the classic quote, “not to look at the whole mountain; take it one piece at a time,” is true. Rock climbers come from all over the world to enjoy the numerous climbing areas found in Clear Creek Canyon and North Table Mountain.

The Sidewalk Bargain

Who says “No” to bargains? Golden is known for its sidewalk bargains. People love these bargains since they get to enjoy them, and they get to help local businesses. Bargains also offer a great assortment of good finds, gift baskets, traditional gifts, foods, and wine.

Walking along with the sidewalk bargains also lets you score the best deals on the Front Range for fashion, sporting goods, art, ski equipment, waters sports, outdoor gear, fly fishing, and jewelry. Take home great deals on quality products when you buy at sidewalk bargains. Aside from saving money, you also get to know the locals selling on the sidewalks that will make you feel at home.


Colorado is known for its beers. The Coors Brewery Company, the largest single brewery in the world, is located in downtown Golden. They allow visitors to see the entire brewing process, from mixing the barley through the mashing process to the final fermentation and aging process. You can see some souvenirs from the past and enjoy a tasting session of the famous banquet beer at the end of the tour.

While everyone knows Golden is home to Coors it has many craft breweries that should be included on any trip to Golden. Beer lovers have an abundance of taprooms with tons of flavors waiting to be discovered and many beer events each year.

Night falls on Washington Avenue

Nature is always alluring. If sunrises are mesmerizing, then sunsets fascinate. In our busy lives, we don’t get to value such beauty daily. But, Washington Avenue is an exemption. Every day at the avenue, you get to witness the different paintings that nature creates.

Just walk along the streets and pause for a second to stare at the sunsets. You will hear the winds’ whispers telling you that there is always beauty and hope for every ending. Living in Golden really offers perks not offered in other cities.

No Shortage of Fun Events

Looking for festivals and events to attend?

Golden City hosts fun and enjoyable yearly activities like the Golden Buffalo Bill Days, Cody’s Wild West, and the Golden Fine Arts. In these events, you get to experience Colorado’s culture through parades, live music, original productions, and arts.

Another big event that the city celebrates is the Olde Golden Christmas. The historic downtown Golden transforms into a festive holiday center with traditional decorations and fun family events during the event.

Such events not only attract tourists but also keeps the community of Golden tightly knit together. If you’re into interacting with locals with a welcoming and heartwarming presence, then Golden is the perfect travel destination for you!

Dining in Golden

Golden’s community culinary has been booming with a variety of delicious options. They offer a range of foods from fine dining to local cafes. When it comes to choosing the perfect restaurant, we know you’ll be having a hard time since the city offers flavors from all over the world and different settings, which can range from being fun to intimate atmospheres.

The local restaurant spots will surely please any palette with various foods like sandwiches, burritos, pizzas, and barbecues. After all, food makes everything more fun, and it’s always a great way to make friends and connect with other food lovers.

The Beautiful Colors

What could be prettier than a walk nearby fast rushing Clear Creek White Water Park?
This water park offers scenic beauty, recreation, and a valuable natural resource. It is a state-of-the-art and fun water park that gives you the chance to try kayaking that makes your heart rush along with the fast and strong creek rapids.

Leave the hustle and bustle of the city far behind and travel to Golden Gate Canyon State Park. This wide-ranging state park provides a range of outdoor activities like biking, camping, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding. Viewing the vibrant colors of nature while doing these activities near alpine lakes would make you fall in love with the place itself.

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