Dog Friendly parks in Littleton CO

Littleton is a mid-sized town municipality that straddles the country lines of Arapahoe, Douglas, and Jefferson counties. With over 40,000 people, Littleton, Colorado is a popular destination for homeowners seeking excellent infrastructure, good access to amenities, and a relaxed lifestyle. A town for families, Littleton is excellently designed to capture the essence of the outdoors and has become a paradise for dog lovers.

Littleton is amongst the most dog-friendly locations in Colorado, allowing families to feel right at home with their canine friends. Below are some of the most notable dog-friendly locations in Littleton, CO, including establishments that welcome your dog with open arms.

Chatfield State Park Off-Leash Dog Area

Chatfield Dog Area will leave Fido foaming with delight as this is an off-leash area where dogs can run free. Boasting 69 acres of fenced open space, Chatfield includes paved and unpaved walking trails, and two scenic ponds. While this is an off-leash site, owners are always required to carry a leash with them.

Key Details: 3 dogs per walker limit | Daily or annual pass requirement | Waste bag and leash for each dog

David A. Lorenz Regional Dog Park

David A. Lorenz Dog Park is a popular choice for homeowners in Littleton, Colorado. This facility hosts two fully fenced enclosures, although it is worth noting the fences are on the low side for larger dogs. With that in mind, off-leash pets should have good recall training. There is no designation, meaning dogs and owners can move between closures as they want.

Key Details: Bring your own water | Picnic areas on site | waste bag for each individual dog.

Wynetka Ponds Dog Park

Also known as the Wynetka Ponds Bark Park, this location in Littleton also features two fenced areas, but one of these enclosures is closed on a rotating cycle. When one enclosure is closed, the other is open to allow regeneration of the grass. All fences are around 4 feet high and there are no ponds located on the site. However, drinking fountains are supplied with a 3-tier height system (low for dogs, medium for children, and high for adults).

Key Details: Water on site | Poop bags available | While drinking fountains are available, we advise people to avoid them as taller dogs can reach the higher spouts

Meadowlark Trail Loop

While not solely for dogs, the Meadowlark Trail Loop is a popular dog walking area in Littleton, CO. It is a short 2.5-mile-long trail that provides a scenic escape from urban life, complete with wild flowers and amazing landscapes along the route. As this is not a dog-specific trail, you will be sharing the route with hikers, walkers, and wildlife watchers.

Key Details: This is a public trail, so dogs must always be leashed.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants

Of course, having a dog as part of the family is not all about heading outdoors. Sometimes you only want to hang out with your canine friend and luckily Littleton is an excellent place to do just that. With a reputation as a dog-friendly town, the following restaurants in Littleton will allow you to enter with your dog:

  • Living the Dream Brewing
  • North Shore Restaurant & Bar
  • Locavore Beer Works
  • St Patrick’s Brewing Company


Littleton embraces the beautiful scenery of the Rocky Mountains to the west and the Great Plains to the south. An outdoor enthusiast’s wonderland, homeowners with dogs do not have to leave Littleton to find excellent dog walking facilities.

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