Hiking Trails in Evergreen, ColoradoEvergreen, Colorado is located in the Rocky Mountains and is 30 minutes away from Denver. There are a variety of things that you can do in this town all-year-round making it a popular recreation area. Since the town is located in a mountainous region, it is perfect for groups or individuals planning on going on a trip to relieve stress, have fun, and enjoy the virgin landscapes of nature. Whether you live or are planning on living in Evergreen, I have prepared an exciting list of the best hiking trails found in the town and a simple guide about hiking there.

What’s in Evergreen?

Choosing Evergreen as your home gives you the chance to enjoy picturesque views and cityscapes all the time. This town includes lakes, mountains and hills, and trees and greens, making it a nature lover’s paradise. Hiking the mountains is a popular activity in the area. Yearly, many people from all over the country travel to Evergreen just to wander through the lush green forests, feel the warmth of the sun that passes through the trees, and enjoy the cool mountain breeze. Hikers are rewarded with different views depending on the season. The trees and surroundings display vivid yellow colors during the fall, cold blue and white colors in the winter, and vibrant colors during spring and summer. Before setting out for the hike, make sure you have your hiking essentials prepared so that when unexpected weather changes and danger are present, you will be ready.


Evergreen Hiking Trails

Maxwell Falls

The most popular hike in Evergreen is Maxwell Falls because it is the perfect combination of sceneries. In this trail, you get to enjoy different terrains as you hike, and it takes you to one of the closest waterfalls in Denver. There are three hiking options in the area. For beginners, there’s a one-mile hike (Short Version) and a three-mile loop (Cliff Trail Loop), but if you want to see more scapes while getting closer to the falls, you need to take the four-mile-long trail (Lower Maxwell Falls Hike). The trails’ difficulty is moderate, and the hike duration ranges from 45 min. to 2.5 hrs. The trails are Loop and Out & Back types, so you don’t have to worry about being lost, but be cautious of the signages since some aren’t easy to spot.

For the shortest hike, drive to the Upper Trailhead and use the signs that lead to the falls. The walk is relatively easy since one way of the trail is only half a mile. For the Cliff Trail Loop, start at the Upper Trailhead Lot. You will come across a couple of trail splits, and it is recommended that you bear left. Follow the signs that direct you down to the Cliff Trail. Once you reach the creek bed, the trail will turn and run upstream. Follow it until you hear the sounds of the falls. Use the same trail going up to the trail lot. If you choose the Lower Maxwell Falls Hike, you just have to hike up the valley then along Maxwell Creek’s Stretch until you hear the sound of the fall’s gushing water.

Don’t worry if you can’t pick which trail to use. Using any of the trails guarantees a fun-packed hiking experience!

Alderfer and Three Sisters Park

One of the popular hiking sites in Evergreen is the Alderfer and Three Sisters Park. This trail is ideal for hiking, climbing, family picnics, and mountain biking. While in the park, indulge your eyes with the rock formations, vistas, meadows, ponderosa pine, Continental Divide views, Stellar Jays, and Cooper hawks found within the trail.

This trail is perfect for anyone since there are 18 trails that you can choose to travel. The distances range from .2 to 10+ miles. The hike difficulty is fairly easy, but you should also consider the altitude if you are a beginner. The duration of the hike is different for each trail. The easiest can be as short as 15 min. and the more challenging trails can be covered in around 1.5 hours. The trails in this nature park are mostly Loop and Out & Back (In & Out) types, so being lost won’t be a problem as long as you follow the trails. The trails are open in all seasons, and dogs on leash are allowed.

Elk Meadow Park – South Loop

If you’re into taking snapshots of wildlife and constantly changing sceneries, then Elk Meadow Park – South Loop is the perfect choice for you. While hiking, you will see different scenic views like meadows, old barns, ponderosa pine forests, cityscapes, and wildlife like elks and Abert’s squirrels. This loop-type trail is 35 min. away from Denver and is relatively easy, making it perfect for hikers of all ages, even young ones. The trail is also open all year round.

To form the loop, you need to combine the Elk Ridge Trail, the Sleepy “S” Trail, and the Meadow View Trail. You can cover the 2.6-mile. combination trail in approximately 1.5 hrs. Take the loop clockwise for a much easier loop, but if you are looking for a little challenge, take the other way around. Dogs on leash are also allowed in the nature park.


What Other Activities Can I do In Evergreen?

Evergreen is one of the places where one can never run out of things to do. Besides hiking, you can also visit Evergreen Lake and go boating, canoeing, paddleboarding, and fishing. Evergreen Nature Center is also within the vicinity and is open to accommodate visitors during Spring. It features various educational materials about animals and plants that live in Evergreen’s wilderness area. They also showcase fur pelts and footprint molds. During the winter, Evergreen transforms into a winter wonderland. The Evergreen Lake becomes a skating rink, warming houses are open for rentals, and hikes seem like wandering over white fluffy clouds. Ready to find out more information on Homes in Evergreen? Check out our page for Evergreen.

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