The municipality of Littleton Colorado is being transformed by Sterling Ranch, one of the most ambitious subdivisions in history. An independent, thriving, community-focused master-planned build, Sterling Ranch is adding 12,000 home spaces to Douglas Country, providing housing and rich infrastructure to 30,000 people. Residents in nine villages will have access to homes ranging from traditional townhouse style builds to fully customizable high-end properties. Sterling Ranch provides an interesting blend of town living and back to nature outdoors escapism that puts residents in touch with the best Mother Nature has to offer. Over 30 miles of open space gives way to direct links to some of the best trails in Colorado, including custom made equestrian trails located in the subdivision. Not to be outdone, Sterling Ranch also provides a true community spirit with recreation centers, civic locations, restaurants, and shops. Our complete Sterling Ranch introduction is a great place to start to find details on available home types, builders, things to do, and outdoor escapes.

Currently under a phased development, stages of the community will be introduced in 2020 and be expanded over coming years. Within 3 to 4 years, a commercial retail center will be opened by Titan Road with stores and grocery outlets, while a coffee shop will serve as a meeting place until the commercial center is complete.

The development has already built a medical facility with urgent care features, created in partnership with UCHealth. In addition, Sterling Ranch has already built a recreational center with club house, exhibit hall, and business spaces, with a further three recreations centers to come in the future.

One of the things that sets Sterling Ranch apart from other subdivisions is its infrastructure, which has been created from a commitment to a clean environment and technology. Water conservation, a robust schools network, and innovative use of home and street automation, Sterling Ranch has a lot to offer.

Schools in Sterling Ranch

Sterling Ranch will not just be a residential development, but a full subdivision with town features and amenities. There are seven designated spots for school developments which will be governed by the Douglas County School District, including:
• Coyote Creek Elementary (K-6)
• Trailblazer Elementary (K-6)
• Eldorado Elementary (K-6)
• Stone Mountain Elementary (K-6)
• Saddle Ranch Elementary (K-6)
• Ben Franklin Academy Charter School (P-7)
• STEM School and Academy (6-12)

Homeowners in Sterling Ranch will also be able to consider open enrollment in Douglas County schools away from the development. The site is ideally located within a 5-15 minutes’ drive of several schools, among them:
• Roxborough Primary (grades K-2)
• Roxborough Intermediate (grades 3-6)
• Ranch View Middle School (grades 7-8)
• ThunderRidge High School (grades 9-12)

Water Conservation in Sterling Ranch

The Sterling Ranch development has been committed to water conservation since inception. Located in a semi-arid location in Littleton CO, the subdivision understands the importance of sustainability in water and beyond. This devotion to water protection means Sterling Ranch is the most advanced water conservation community in Colorado.

Setting the standard, the subdivision is the first statewide to harvest rainwater directly, with 40% of water supplies coming from renewable rain and snowmelt. Commitment to water conservation led to a collaboration with Denver Botanic Gardens to understand which plants are best to use to retain water.

The rest of the water supply comes from Dominion Water District and residents will have an allowance of 1000 gallons in their homes. Despite the strict conservation efforts, Sterling Ranch residents will not pay more for their water and could actually pay less.


Internet connectivity in Sterling Ranch will be supplied by Century Link. The company will provide 2 strands of 1 gigabyte service thanks to IBM and Siemens technology delivering cutting-edge connectivity. So impressive, the ultra-fast internet speeds will allow residents to download a full HD movie in under five seconds.

Sterling Ranch excels at innovation in technology. Each home in the subdivision gets full home-automation software provided on an Apple iPad. Called STEWARD, the smart home hub will allow residents to control their security, thermostat, electricity, irrigation, gas, lights, and more remotely using an application.

Not only the homes will be smart, but Sterling Ranch itself will be powered by modern and green technology. For example, the street lights have different colors which can denote the state of the subdivision:
Green means everything is OK
Orange means amber alert
Silver means elderly alert
Red means fire or EMT
Blue means weather alert
The lights dim at midnight & get brighter when there’s an emergency.

Sterling Ranch is transforming Littleton Colorado. It’s a fantastic build in a wonderful location. Whether you prefer the pull of a town or nature, Sterling Ranch provides the best of both worlds, without compromise.

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